sharon is karen

turns out sharon IS karen

sharon is karen was born, lived and died in 2016.

they were based in bellingham, washington, USA and played desperate emo songs about feeling like a complete piece of garbage no matter what you do and star trek.


doc-002: used to

doc-003: lead fumes b/w sink

doc-004: something is outside the vessel

upcoming shows

no upcoming shows

past shows

2016-08-24 w/ BADR VOGU(oak) + Autarch(NC) + Connoisseur(oak)

@golden bull, oakland, california

2016-08-13 w/ Sloths(PDX) + Tetrachromat(WA)

@loud house, bellingham, washington

2016-08-05 w/ Prom King(WA) + Rod(PDX) + Lee Faulkner(PDX) + Dog Mountain(WA)

@progressive library, bellingham, washington

2016-07-30 w/ Croak(WA) + Throes(ID) + Mercy Ties(WA)

@the fridge, bellingham, washington

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